Jan 03, 2022

ASINFetcher 1.1.6


  • Added: See the seller feedback for the last 30 days vs lifetime
  • Added: Support for Amazon Books page

Seller feedback for the last 30 days vs lifetime

When using the ASINFetcher to grab a list of sellers you will see a new column with the name Seller Feedback Count 30 days/Lifetime. This new column will allow you to quickly see the feedback the seller has received in the last 30 days, this information is available on the Seller Storefront page, to save you a few clicks we will get this information for you and display it on your results.

ASINFetcher will only display Seller Feedback when available, if the seller does not have feedback, like in the case of Amazon or if the seller is new, ASINFetcher will not display any feedback.

Support for Amazon Books page

Now, you will be able to go to a book page, click on the author name and grab all the ASINs listed there. 

Watch it in action on the video(no audio) below. 

This is all for this update, thank you and a happy new year!

Nov 23, 2021

AZInsight 3.1.3


  • Change the default position of AZInsight

In this update, we have added a new option to change the default position of the AZInsight box, please watch the video below to learn how to do it.

Nov 04, 2021

AZInsight v3.1.2


  • Activate your plugins without leaving AZInsight
  • Update to MX and CA Remote Fulfillment with FBA ( North American Remote Fulfillment )

On this version of AZInsight, we have added an easier way to enable the plugins, before this update you would have to go to our web portal to enable the plugin, now you can simply enable the plugins without leaving AZInsight, please take a look at the video below to learn where you can enable the plugins.

Also on this update, we update the calculation for the Remote Fulfillment with FBA or North American Remote Fulfillment, you can read more about the update on the Amazon post. 2021 Remote Fulfillment with FBA fee changes.

Thanks for using AZInsight 🎉

Sep 29, 2021

ScanEZ v1.2.6


  • Amazon Update for Size tier
  • Historical Data on the Profit Calculator
  • 15 days history for scanned ASINs

ScanEZ has updated to reflect the Amazon change to size tiers. 2021 fee changes summary. We also updated our Profit Calculator to include the Historical Data; this will save you some time when you're scanning items in a store.

With this update, we also increased to 15 days the time ScanEZ will store the history of scanned ASINs.

Sep 28, 2021

AZInsight v3.0.8


  • Seller Rating on Stock Checker
  • Prep Instructions added to Export Options

With this new update of AZInsight, we have added the Seller Rating on the Stock Checker, to enable this you need to check the box in the configure column option in the Stock Checker. 

We also added the Prep Instructions to the export option, you can use this to export the Prep Instructions to your Google Spreadsheet, Quick Copy, or Export it to CSV.

Sep 06, 2021

AZInsight v3.0.6


  • Performance and speed increase using new backend

Aug 28, 2021

AZInsight v3.0.4


  • Blank field added to Variations export
  • Change settings for all Amazon marketplaces on the Calculator Settings
  • Check the Monthly Storage Fee for a different month period 

We added a custom field to our Variations Export. With this custom field; you can add any information you would like to see on your Google Spreadsheet, like for example a note that you would like to add, please watch the video below to understand more about this feature.

On this update, we also added the option to select what marketplace would you like to apply your Calculator Settings. You can set individual settings for each of the Amazon marketplaces supported by AZInsight, access to these marketplaces is controlled by your MWS token.

And, finally, we added the option to check the Monthly Storage Fee for a range of months, you can watch the video below to see how it works. 

Aug 19, 2021

AZInsight v3.0.3


  • Break-Even Price: New data point added for exporting from AZInsight
  • New data field that can be exported out of the Variations Viewer  
  • Redesigned the Export Profile screen
  • More Estimated Monthly Sales data added

In this version, we added the Break-Even Price as a new data point that you can export out of AZInsight. For the full list of all the data points available for export please visit this post. 

This version also includes a new data field that you can export from the variations viewer called "Avg. Price". You can take a look at our table settings to know what the Avg. Price means. For a complete list of data that you can export out of the variations viewer click here.

To export the Avg. Price, you will need to use our New Export profile screen to create a Variations Profile, you can take a look at the short overview video below. You can read our support article to learn more about this change. How do I export the data out of the Variations Viewer?

In this version, we also added more estimated sales data on the historical data window that will show you 30/90/180 Estimated Monthly Sales. 

Under the offers with window, you will also find a new data point called "Est. Monthly Sales per FBA Seller". Please see the video below.


Aug 12, 2021

ScanEZ 1.2.2


  • Bug Fixes
  • ASIN Status column on Variations viewer 
  • Amazon fees update for Europe 

As we did on AZInsight, we have included the ASIN Status column on the Variations viewer on ScanEZ.

You can take a look at this video to understand what the ASIN Status means.

Amazon updated their fees for FBA for all of Europe; we updated ScanEZ accordingly to keep up with this change.

Aug 04, 2021

AZInsight 3.0.0


  • Bug fixes